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Date / Time: 2/23/2008 7:40 PM

Dr. Bruce Tefft-Feb. 23, 2008 Log

Radio Free Dar al Harb extends a special thanks to our guest today, Dr. Bruce Tefft, 21 year CIA veteran and current director of CRA’s Threat Assessment Center.

Today we covered the fundamental linkages between Islam and Terrorism and concluded that the most important action the average joe can take is to educate themselves. To harken back to my favorite childhood PSAs “Knowing is half the battle, Go Joe!”

How did we arrive at this conclusion:
The Koran, the Hadith, and Sunna, are the source materials for Islam and their implementation throughout history leaves an trail of self professed devistation for the furtherance of Dar al Islam. Where outnumbered and without influence, Muslims will preach peace and love, (Mohammeds early days in Mecca or the first years of immigration into Europe). But once able to wield power, they will follow Mohammed’s example and attempt to install their own regime as demonstrated from Mohammed’s time in Medina to the Teddy Bear riots in Sudan or the cartoon catastrophe in Europe.

Koranic sanctioned taqqiya double speak, inflitration, propoganda, lawfare are used to intimidate the Western world. A few examples discussed: Tariq Rammadan, fake charity organizations (Holy Land Foundation), Hashem Islam, and the numerous lawsuits of Islamic critics and attempts by Islamic organizations (CAIR) to allow for legal action against those who report supicious activity (the Flying Imams). Basically, its millions of petrodollars against you. Dr. Tefft has first hand experience with this, and for his efforts to educate and partake of his Freedom of Speech, he has been sued. Dr. Tefft is in the same boat as most of us, working for a living, far from wealthy. A year into the legal battle, with 14 months to go, the costs are already $100K. Estenially, he risked his home to dare speak out against Islamist aggression.

To help keep him in the fight:
Bruce Tefft Legal Defense Fund
Jerry Goldman, Atty
Two Penn Center Plaza
1500 JFK Blvd. Suite 1411
Philadelphia, PA 19102

But why is it important for me to know about Islam?
Because not all Islamic expansion comes from IEDs, WMDs, and 9-11s. It sometimes comes through intimidation (physical or legal), buying influence, and double speak or bold face lies to those the Islamists consider infidel kufr dogs. The good news is, arming yourself is quite easy.

Good sources:
There are host of books out there, and you can a good digest of current evidents from Dr. Tefft by emailing him at:

Also of important note, Muslims are also victims of Islam, from the split between Sunni and Shitte, to the AQ attacks in Iraq against Sunni in Iraq that they believe aren’t strict enough. While many muslims will honestly profess their Islam is nothing like Bin Ladin’s, the fact remains that no authoritative source on Islam has denounced Bin Laden or other Islamists as apostates. In other words, Islam, as practiced by following the example of Mohammed and the companions is the truest form of Islam. So if there are Muslims who disagree with this, it is as encumbentant upon you to act against it as much as it is for a catholic to act against and denounce killing to stop abortions. If the Saudi Ullema would consider you an apostate, best to act in your own rational interest of self preservation. Ibn Warraq is a great example.

I post a seperate blog for a recommended reading list.

Have some exicting guests in the future. Annoucements coming.

Thank you, and keep fighthing the good fight.


One thought on “Interesting Interviews

    Manshaj said:
    July 17, 2014 at 11:17 am

    Dr. Bruce is current director of CRA`s threat assessment center . He did a discussion in this interview on fundamental linkages between Islam and terrorism . He tells us that how did they arrived at this all conclusion. Actually Dr. Teff has first hand experience with this and for his efforts to educate , he has been sued . Dr Bruce Teff share his every experience in this special interview.

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