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Exposing the Threat
of Islamist Terrorism

America’s Original Symposium Series
on the Threat of Islamist Terrorism

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Saturday February 2, 2008
Ranch of the Lonesome Dove
2299 Lonesome Dove Rd.
Southlake, TX 76092
(817) 329-1100
9am Start (7:45am arrival time to satisfy security check-in)

(Texas Bar-B-Que lunch included)
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VIP Dinner & Cocktail Pre-Symposium Reception
Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center, Grapevine, TX
Friday, February 1, 2008
7pm Start (6pm arrival time to satisfy security check-in)

Symposium Tickets: $149.00 per person
Special First Responder Rate: $100.00 per person (ID required)

VIP Dinner Reception Tickets: $119.00 Final Days

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Confirmed Speakers:

Lee Boyland
Nuclear Engineering & Expert
Mr. Boyland is a f
ormer Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer in the U.S. Army, assigned to the Defense Atomic Support Agency an its Nuclear Emergency Team. He had access to the design details of all nuclear and thermonuclear weapons and participated is several tests at the Nevada Test Site.
Subject: The Nuclear Threat Posed by Radical Islamists

Frank Gaffney
Founder and President Center for Security Policy
Subject: The Infiltration of Middle Eastern Influence into Washington DC Institutions. Mr. Gaffney will examine the increasing Middle Eastern within some of our countries most important institutions including our government.

Mike Gallagher, Emcee-Friday Reception
Talkers Magazine reports that the Salem Broadcast Network personality is the sixth most listened-to talk radio host in America with over 3.75 million weekly listeners in top ten markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Houston, and Philadelphia as well as cities all over the country, and is the 8th most recognized talk radio personality in America (The Benchmark Company). Mike has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time, and Forbes.

Caroline Glick [endorsement]
Deputy Managing Editor, Jerusalem Post & Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy
Subject: Assessing the Iranian Threat to Global Security

Roger Hedgecock, Emcee-Saturday Symposium
From his days as a San Diego elected official to his 14 years as host of “The Roger Hedgecock Show,” Mr. Hedgecock has reached out to influence millions of Americans with his message of citizen empowerment. Mr. Hedgecock has guest hosted the number one ranked Rush Limbaugh radio program. He can be heard on his own nationally syndicated radio program on his flagship station AM600 KOGO, in San Diego, CA .

Joe Kaufman
Chairman of Americans Against Hate, Founder of CAIR Watch, Investigative Journalist for FrontPage Magazine
During a 2007 protest against the Islamic Circle of North America, seven Dallas-area Muslim organizations sought to deny Kaufman his Freedom of Speech by serving him with a lawsuit and a restraining order.
The Fragile Nature of our Constitutional Freedoms in the Face of Jihad.

Dr. Harvey Kushner [endorsement]
Chairman of Criminal Justice Dept. of Long Island University, best-selling author, advisor to the FBI and FAA
Subject: Radical Islam’s Infiltration of America. The original introduction to his book Holy War in 2004 included this warning: “In my thirty years in counterterrorism, I have never been more worried about my country.” What’s changed? Make it thirty-eight. Kushner will show how the United States continues to be infiltration by terrorist meaning to pull triggers, plant bombs, and blast holes in the New York City skyline.

Laura Mansfield
Middle Eastern linguistic expert and investigative reporter specializing in jihadi activity both domestic and foreign
Subject: T
he Muslim Brotherhood


Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy
Nuclear Physicist, Internationally recognized critic of political Islam
Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy grew up in India, where he had first-hand experience with political Islam and jihad. He moved to America in 1984 to pursue graduate studies. In 1992, he received a doctorate in nuclear physics from Stony Brook University, New York. Since 1999 he has extensively published ideas on neutralizing political Islam’s terror war as it is imposed on unbelievers. He is the author of the new book, The Art of War on Terror: Triumphing over Political Islam and the Axis of Jihad.
Subject: Neutralizing Political Islam’s Terror War

Atty. David Schippers
Former Chief Investigative Counsel for the US House Judiciary Committee, author, counter-terrorism expert
Subject: Domestic Terrorism and Associated Threat. Mr. Schippers will discuss past terrorist attacks no our nation and the probabilities of additional attacks on our homeland.

Robert Spencer [endorsement]
Director of Jihad Watch, best-selling author and expert on radical Islam
Subject: Sharia Law and The West. Mr. Spencer will discuss the nature of the Sharia imperative and the elements of Western civilization that it challenges. His talk will examine why the United States – and the West – ignore this at our own peril.

Dr. Wafa Sultan
Syrian-American Psychologist and internationally recognized critic of militant Islam
Subject: The Necessity of Educating the American Public About Islam. Dr. Sultan will explain why tough questions should be posed to Muslims about Islamic teachings as well as defining the concept of Al Taqqiya, the need to monitor the Saudi money trail into American Universities, Mosques and Madrasas and the need to effectively infiltrate Muslim communities to monitor and investigate radicalization.

Dr. Bruce Tefft
Founding member of CIA’s Counterterrorism Task Force
Subject: The Islamist Ideological Conflict – Loyalty to Country vs. Loyalty to Religion. Dr. Tefft will examine the issues surrounding the complex dilemma facing Islamist ideology with regard to the religions ability to assimilate into their host nation societies. He will examine the tenets of the Koran regarding national assimilation, the ideology surrounding jihad today and throughout history and Islamophobia.

Dr. Paul Williams
Former FBI consultant, best-selling author and investigative journalist
Subject: The American Hiroshima & Domestic Jihadi Training Camps. Dr. Williams will discuss the vulnerability of the United States to “The American Hiroshima,” Osama bin Laden’s quest to deploy and detonate nuclear weapons within US borders. He will also discuss his recent examination of jihadi training facilities located within the United States.

Additional Speakers to Be Announced

Roger Hedgecock: Perspective

Roger Hedgecock
Interviews with David Schippers, Wafa Sultan, Bruce Tefft, Lee Boyland

Archive for February, 2008

Islam Attacks

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Last Saturday,on a day when a third undersea Internet cable serving the Middle East was cut, and on a day when Al Qaeda used two mentally defective women strapped with bombs detonated by remote control to shatter market places in Iraq, a remarkable, courageous group of people convened at the Ranch of the Lonesome Dove north of Dallas, Texas to describe Islam’s War for World Domination.

Sponsored by America’s Truth Forum ( and the Basics Project (, the symposium was called “Exposing the Threat of Islamist Terrorism”. I broadcast my Saturday national radio show from the site and interviewed many of the speakers.

I also introduced my new book “The 2008 Conservative Voter’s Field Guide–#2 The War” Both a podcast of the radio show and information on the book are available at

Among the speakers I interviewed was David Schippers, a Chicago labor lawyer and Democrat who was chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the Clinton impeachment.

I asked him about his investigation of the Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City. He concluded that a Republican Guard officer from Saddam’s army was in the Ryder truck with Timothy McVeigh, and that Nichols was the mastermind behind the bomb, receiving his bomb making training in the Philippines under abu Saif, an al Qaeda affiliate.

He told me that the Oklahoma City bombing was an attack by Radical Islam on the United States and proof of an alliance between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. Mr. Schippers described President Clinton’s attempt to blame talk radio and right wing “nuts” for the attack as contrary to the affadavits of 22 eye witnesses.

I also interviewed Dr. Wafta Sultan, a Syrian born Muslim woman now practicing psychiatry in Los Angeles.

She called her journey away from Islam a “choice for freedom” after personally witnessing the brutality of muslim jihadists. She cited the Koran on the role of women, challenging Islamic rules that result in “honor killings” and female mutilation. Dr. Sultan has spoken out on Al Jazeera and other Arabic media against these brutal Islamic practices, acknowledging that death threats are “constant” but she is unafraid.

I also interviewed Dr. Bruce Tefft, who served in the CIA for 21 years, including 17 years abroad, many as CIA Station Chief, and was a founding member of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center in 1985.

I asked Dr. Tefft what really happened to TWA flight 800 which went down in the Atlantic soon after take off from New York. He said that the plane was downed by a rocket and that, in his opinion, it was an attack by Iran on the United States that was covered up.

He also said that the Islamic jihadists had shifted tactics–a direct attack like 9/11 might still happen, but that it ran the risk of uniting Americans to fight back as the U.S. did in Afghanistan and Iraq. The preferred tactic now was infiltration–of the Pentagon, of the prisons, and of the schools, for example.

I also interviewed Lee Boyland, a nuclear engineer and former member of the Defense Atomic Support Agency (DASA)’s Nuclear Emergency Team.

Mr Boyland described easy to obtain nuclear technology and further described a nuclear explosion’s horrific impact on an American City. In his view, the likelihood of a an Islamic nuclear device being detonated in America in the next 10 years “is 90%”.

These and other remarkable and disturbing statements by expert speakers at the symposium again can be found in a podcast of the whole 3 hour radio show at

In previewing my book “#2-The War”, I told the audience at the Symposium that my own research led me to the conclusion that the Koran commanded Muslims to convert the whole world to Islam–to the rule of Allah–by force if necessary.

History, as taught in the West, is too often seen through the focus of inter-european great power rivalries and post discovery of America developments. Since the attack of 9/11, the history of Muslim conquest and past European and American victories over Islam deserves more attention to help us understand the threat we face today and how to triumph over it.

2 thoughts on “America’s Truth Forum

    DarvinBoxx said:
    December 3, 2008 at 10:06 am

    Read this>

    Anti-government protesters have left Bangkok’s main airports after an eight-day siege that has paralysed government and stymied tourism.

    They packed up bedding before handing over both the international and domestic airports to the authorities.

    The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) called off the protests and after a court banned Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat from politics.

    The protests have left thousands of tourists stranded in Thailand.

    The country has lost millions of dollars in revenue.

    The PAD had been demanding the resignation of the prime minister, who they say is a proxy for deposed leader Thaksin Shinawatra.
    rEAD ABOUT yu ram cha IN ASIA

    YreNextTrgt said:
    March 29, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    NATO is taking over command of military operations in Libya from coalition forces, world media reported Sunday.

    The UN Security Council imposed the no-fly zone over Libya on March 17, along with ordering “all necessary measures” to protect civilians from Muammar Gaddafi’s attacks on rebel-held towns.

    The 28 NATO ambassadors met on Sunday to decide on further military plans in Libya.

    The United States transfers command for a no-fly zone over Libya to NATO, while coalition forces will continue to protect civilian population from attacks by Gaddafi forces.

    The military operation in Libya, codenamed Odyssey Dawn, has been conducted so far jointly by 13 states, including the United States, Britain and France.

    NATO members decided on Thursday to assume responsibility for the enforcement of a no-fly zone in Libya, but could not agree on taking full command of all military operations in the country.

    Meanwhile, leaders of the 27 European Union states on Thursday issued a statement saying the EU stood ready to assist in building a new Libya “in cooperation with the United Nations, the Arab League, the African Union and others.”

    MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti)

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