UK : Government donation to Muslim Charities Forum denounced as “madness”

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An £18,000 grant to a charity coalition with alleged ties to terrorist organisations has been brandished “completely counter-intuitive” by interfaith groups
Egypt presidential election: Muslim Brotherhood win sets up army fight

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi celebrate in Tahrir Square, Egypt Photo: EPA

A government department donated £18,000 to a charity coalition with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group whose activities Britain has vowed to curtail following concerns over their extremist links in the Middle East, it has been claimed.

Last week the Telegraph revealed that the government was set to impose curbs on Muslim Brotherhood-linked organisations after a report by a senior diplomat exposed its ties with Islamist armed groups in Middle East and elsewhere.

Yet a Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) spending report shows they donated £18,397 earlier this year to the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF), an umbrella group for a number of leading Islamist charities, some of which allegedly have links to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other terrorist organisations.

David Cameron ordered an urgent investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood’s alleged role in violent extremism in April, after Gulf allies put pressure on the government to curtail the movement’s London-based operations. Read the rest of this entry »

The Qatar organizers of the 2022 Soccer World Cup are tied to terrorist groups

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Location map of Qatar Equirectangular projecti...

Location map of Qatar Equirectangular projection, N/S stretching 110 %. Geographic limits of the map: N: 26.3° N S: 24.4° N W: 50.3° E E: 52.5° E (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Published 20 March 2014

Qatar bribed FIFA officials so they would vote to award it the 2022 Soccer World Cup. In addition to the likely corruption investigation, FIFA is also grappling with the question of the temperature in Qatar in the summer. Several state football associations, and many medical specialists, said that the summer heat in Qatar is such that it would be dangerous for players to play for ninety minutes, and risky for spectators to sit in the stands during games. Now news has emerged that leading figures inthe Qatar World Cup committee are supporters of terrorism, contributing millions of dollars to al Qaeda and its affiliates in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

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Was The Alleged Attack on Sudan Prelude to Iran?

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November 1, 2012 at 17:00 Posted by David Eshel


EROS Satellite images of the Yarmouk ammunition plant in Khartum, Sudan, before and after the pre-dawn attack October 24, 2012. Photos: Imagesat

A powerful explosion at the Yarmuk military factory rocked Sudan’s capital before dawn, sending detonating ammunition flying through the air and causing panic, the Sudan official news agency and local media reports said. Thick black smoke covered the sky over the Military Industrial Complex in southern Khartoum. Sudan’s media reported that nearby buildings were damaged by the blast, their roofs blown off and their windows shattered. The effects of the blast suggested a “highly volatile cargo” was at the epicenter of the explosion.

The Sudanese minister who immediately accused Israel of carrying out an aerial strike on a weapons factory near Khartoum apparently knew what he was talking about. Although located inside a strong security perimeter around it, the so-called Yarmuk compound run by the Military Industry Corporation, is well known to Sudanese as Iranian territory, serving as a stopover in weapons smuggling to Hamas Gaza. The minister showed journalists a video of a huge crater next to two destroyed buildings and what appeared to be an unidentified rocket motor lying on the ground. Analysing the explosions and the massive fire which blazed for hours, setting off more fires even days after the attack, it seems that the “factory” must have contained a large amount of explosives and inflammatory substances, indicating military nature. It also seems viable that the target could have been a series of containers stored inside the compound, which were loaded and ready for dispatch.

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Islamic University Of Gaza Official Calls For Islamic Conquest Of Spain And The Vatican

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A mosque within the campus of the Islamic Univ...
A mosque within the campus of the Islamic University of Gaza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Dean of Koranic studies at the Islamic University of Gaza has given a TV interview in which he talks about hopes for the conquest of Andalusia (Spain) and for the capture of Rome. According to a MEMRI translation:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Subhi Al-Yaziji, dean of Koranic studies at the Islamic University of Gaza, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on May 25, 2012:

Subhi Al-Yaziji: The conquest of Andalusia is an old dream, something Muslims proudly hope for and will continue to hope for in the future.


We place our hopes in Allah and trust that the day will come when our triumph will not be restricted to Palestine. Our hopes go beyond that – to raise the banner of the Caliphate over the Vatican, the ‘Rome’ of today, in accordance with the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad: ‘Constantinople shall be conquered and then Rome.’

[…] “

The Boston Globe has profiled the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), closely tied Hamas. According to the report:

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Iran Daily Brief February 9, 2012 – Full Report

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English: Supreme Leader and the Commander-in-C...

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International Affairs

Khamenei: Islamic Revolution source of inspiration for all revolutions – Addressing Iranian Air Force personnel, Ayatollah Khamenei said Iran did not claim the Islamic Awakening in the region was initiated by Iran. However, he stated, “no one can ignore the fact that the waves of Islamic Awakening have been inspired by the victory of Islamic Revolution”. He underlined that the latest developments in the region and the Islamic Awakening proved that the Iranian nation is moving in the right path and that the Islamic Revolution has flourished and is dynamically moving forward towards its goals, 33 years after its victory. Ayatollah Khamenei added that slogans of the Iranian nation have prevailed over the region and the nations following global arrogance have now stood by Iran pursuing the same goals.

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Iran holds the key to the fate of the US president and government – Brigadier General Seyyed Mas’ud Jazayeri said that “Many high level strategic experts believe that the key to the American government is in Tehran’s hands. Thus the ridiculous dance of both war-mongering and peace-making of the White House are meaningless… Iran pays no attention to this ludicrous carrot-and-stick policy and instead thinks about its own ideals and aims.” Jazayeri added that Iran pursues its objectives and causes without considering the US carrot and stick policy adding that Washington’s message of peace or war is worthless to Tehran and lacks meaning for policymaking. He said that the US and the Zionist regime (Israel) are not capable of taking military action against Iran because they know how vulnerable they are to Tehran’s retaliatory measures. Moreover, The US government is in such a pathetic situation that even their people hold street protests against the exploitative nature of the country’s governing system and chant slogans in support of the Islamic Republic.

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December 20, 2011 – Full Report – Iran Daily Brief

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English: Saudi Arabia

International Affairs

Majlis Speaker sends condolence message to North Korean government, nation over “the tragic news” – Ali Larijani, in a message to his North Korean counterpart, expressed condolences over the death of Comerade Kim Jong Il. The message reads: “I have received with great sorrow the tragic news of the demise of His Excellency Kim Jon Il, the supreme Leader of the brotherly Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

Minister of Defense: “We must spread the values of Islam and pure Islamic culture around the world” Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi stated that the leaders’ most important role today is maintaining “pure Islam” and added that if Islam is weakened, there will be no need for leaders and heads of state. Therefore, everyone is obliged to be careful and remain alert. He contended that cultural activity is the main underpinning of Iran’s activity and added, “If we want to establish Islamic culture and distinguish ourselves from the West, we must spread Islam around the world, together with the pure Islamic culture.” He further noted that there have been attempts to resolve the tension with the US and establish ties, but relations with the US would contradict pure Islam.

Basij Commander: Days of capitalism are numbered, and a new world order relying on Islam as its foundation is now emerging – Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi said while referring to the popular uprisings in the Islamic Middle East, North Africa, parts of Europe and the US against their tyrant leaders that capitalism is on the verge of collapse. Recent developments in the world prove that tyrannical systems have no room in the hearts of people. Islam and its lofty teachings would be a good option in the absence of capitalism.

Iran remains unequivocally on the side of Syria, but stresses the need for reform; Secretary of the Expediency Council: “Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas are a red line for Iran” – In a live interview with Hezbollah’s Al Manar network, Secretary of the Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaei, said that Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas are a red line for Iran. Furthermore, “No problem could possibly be created for them. They are the frontline of the Islamic world against Israel.” He related to US accusations that Iran intended to assassinate the Saudi ambassador and said that the US and Zionist regime are currently facing dead-ends created by both the Islamic Awakening and internal events, and they will do anything to escape. Therefore, they contrived a new plot against Iran, in order to save themselves and create tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. He advised the Saudi government not to fall into the trap, which might have unforeseen results. “The best thing would be for Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey to join forces to find solutions for issues facing the Islamic world.” In response to a question about possible US or Zionist military action against Iran, Rezaei answered that any action taken against the national security of Iran would be met with a serious, decisive response. Our response to the US and Zionists will be severe, and they know very well what we will do to them. Read the rest of this entry »

Israel Releases 550 More Palestinian Terrorists

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Israel MapRobert Berger;VoA News, Jerusalem

Israel has completed a prisoner swap with the Palestinian militant group Hamas that rules the Gaza Strip.

There were celebrations in the West Bank as Israel released 550 Palestinian prisoners. A Palestinian celebrant said it is a step in the right direction. “We believe that we have our state and they have their state, and we can live with peace,” she said.

It was the second phase of a prisoner swap negotiated for the release of captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit two months ago, after being held hostage for five years of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Israel freed 477 Palestinian prisoners in the first phase. The final tally: 1,027 prisoners for one Israeli soldier. Read the rest of this entry »