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Map: The Offshore Leaks Revelations

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By Mar Cabra

January 23, 2014, 1:30 pm

Until now, no journalist had been able to crack the secret offshore money system on a global scale. But Offshore Leaks laid it bare: Columbia Journalism Review called it “a landmark series on offshore tax havens that has law enforcement scrambling and scofflaws sweating from Mongolia to Germany, Greece to the US.”

Hundreds of articles showed how fraudsters, politicians and the wealthy move and hide money. It took two years for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to piece it all together.

The result is a global investigative reporting project that has had unprecedented impact around the world. It prompted high profile resignations, criminal and civil inquiries, policy changes, and official investigations on four continents.

This week we published the last major chapter in the series: the extensive links of China’s elites to tax havens around the world.

We have gathered the stories from more than 60 countries and displayed them in an interactive map that illustrates the breadth of the work.

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Germany – Cops ‘quizzed neo-Nazi terror cell woman’ in 2007

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Published: 29 Jan 12 12:38 CET

Police questioned a member of a neo-Nazi terror cell just months before the gang killed a policewoman – but asked her about water damage to a flat, having no idea she was connected to a string of shootings, it emerged on Sunday.

In what will be an embarrassing revelation for the authorities, Der Spiegel magazine reported that officers questioned Beate Zschäpe in 2007, but did not realise that her inconsistency could have been connected to anything sinister.
She is considered a crucial member of the self-styled National Socialist Underground (NSU) which claimed responsibility for killing nine small business owners and workers between 2000 and 2006. Eight of the victims were of Turkish origin and one was Greek.
The gang are thought to have shot a policewoman to death and stolen her weapon in 2007, three months after Zschäpe was questioned.

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