Prince Mohammed bin Nayef

French warn of “body bomb” threat for airplanes

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Tue, 10/06/2009 – 12:45pm

Al Qaeda’s newest suicide bombing tactic — cellphone activated explosives hidden inside the bomber’s rectum — has French security officials worried:

French anti-terrorism chiefs are expected to recommend widening examinations already used to catch drug smugglers after President Sarkozy’s new domestic intelligence directorate (DCRI) learnt of an attack in Saudi Arabia in which the bomber detonated such a device in his rectum.

Al-Qaeda gave video publicity to its new method tested by Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri, a 23-year-old terroristwho blew himself apart at a meeting in Jeddah in late August with Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the Saudi anti-terrorism chief. Read the rest of this entry »