Terrorism Finance in Turkey: A Growing Concern

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by Jonathan Schanzer, John Cassara, Svante E. Cornell, Thomas Joscelyn and John Hannah

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Turkey, Iran seek workaround on Syria

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (L) and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani sign documents in Tehran, Jan. 29, 2014. (photo by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

“The international political intervention should target not [Syria‘s ruling] Baath [Party] but the actors whose proxy war Baath is fighting,” Taha Ozhan of Turkey’s SETA think-tank wrote on Jan. 25, pointing to Russia and Iran. As the chairman of SETA (Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research) — the main civic mouthpiece of Turkey’s deadlocked Syria policy — penned those lines, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was preparing to go to Tehran.

Summary⎙ Print Ankara and Tehran are attempting to normalize a relationship put off track by Syria.

Author Fehim Taştekin Posted February 2, 2014 Translator(s)Sibel Utku Bila

It was a slapdash article reflecting a grudge toward Russia and Iran for fending off regime change in Syria. Four days later, Erdogan was on a completely different track when he told his hosts that he felt like he was at his “second home” in Tehran.

The Turkey-Iran relationship has always been two-sided, but the Syrian crisis upset the balance, threatening the positive side. Erdogan was in Tehran to bolster that side. Back to a “win-win” mode, he set a target of $30 billion in bilateral trade for 2015. In 2013, the trade volume dropped to $13.5 billion from $21.8 billion the previous year.

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After Egypt and Tunisia, is Turkey witnessing ‘demise of Islamism’?

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The Blue Mosque’s minarets are covered by dense fog, Istanbul, March 17, 2005. (photo by REUTERS/Fatih Saribas)

What’s happening in Turkey is truly awful for all those who care about a contemporary democratic structure in a Muslim country. That’s because the Muslim world has no equivalent to Turkey’s successful modernizing experience. Turkey’s GDP is $800 billion, and its economy doesn’t depend on oil or natural wealth but on industry, agriculture and services.

Summary⎙ Print After the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the new modern constitution in Tunisia, the scandal in Turkey may mark the beginning of the end of Islamism there, too.

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News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (May 23-29, 2012)

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 The remains of cell phones used to detonate the IEDs near Yattah (Photo courtesy of the Israel Security Agency).

clip_image002 clip_image004
  • Overview


  • Again this week no rocket or mortar shell hits were identified in Israeli territory. An IDF force was attacked by sniper fire near the border fence in the central Gaza Strip. An officer and a soldier were wounded.
  • The Israeli security forces recently exposed a number of terrorist networks operating in the Hebron district. One of the was making preparations to infiltrate Kiryat Arba to abduct or murder a local resident. A terrorist cell which attacked an Israeli vehicle with a ring of IEDs was exposed in southern Mt. Hebron.
  • The Turkish media reported that the Turkish attorney general had issued indictments against four IDF commanders who had been involved in the events aboard the Mavi Marmara. The indictments falsely claimed that the passengers aboard the ship had been armed with “plastic flagpoles, spoons and forks” [In reality, the IHH operatives aboard were armed with deadly cold offensive weapons and at least one or two guns].


  • Israel’s South Important Terrorist Events
  • Judea and Samaria
  • The Situation in the Gaza Strip
  • The Palestinian Prisoners’ Hunger Strike
  • Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation
  • Israel and the Palestinians
  • Propaganda Events


Hamas The Delegitimization Campaign The Palestinian Authority

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[1] The statistics do not include rockets fired which fell inside the Gaza Strip. As of May 29, 2012.

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Report: Minister cancels US-Iraq-Turkey counterterrorism meeting

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Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki (Photo: AP)

29 January 2012 / TODAY’S ZAMAN, ANKARA

Turkey’s interior minister has cancelled a Baghdad trip to join a trilateral meeting between Turkey, Iraq and the US to combat terrorism in the region, on the grounds that ties are strained between Turkey and Iraq following the Iraqi prime minister’s accusations that Turkey has intervened in Iraqi politics, the Turkish Milliyet daily reported on Sunday.

Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin cancelled a visit he was going to make to Baghdad to participate in the trilateral working group, although the trilateral initiative plays an important role in curbing Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist attacks in Turkey, which are launched from the Iraqi-Turkish border, Milliyet reported. Şahin’s cancellation of the crucial visit was reported to be the result of Turkey’s deteriorating relations with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Turkish officials have called him “a thorn in Iraqi politics,” following his attack on Turkey for urging reconciliation with Sunni and Kurdish blocs. Maliki interpreted this as an intervention in the domestic politics of Iraq.

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Turkish state TV airs Holocaust film

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By SUZAN FRASER | Associated Press

Cover of "Shoah"
Cover of Shoah

ANKARA, Turkey (AP)

An epic French documentary about the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime has appeared on Turkish television to mark international Holocaust Remembrance Day — the first time the film has been aired on public television in a majority-Muslim country.

State television TRT’s documentary channel showed the first episode of filmmaker Claude Lanzmann‘s “Shoah” late Thursday — the eve of the day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust.

The film has been subtitled into Arabic, Farsi and Turkish by the Paris-based Aladdin project as part of its campaign to promote understanding between Jews and Muslims and to fight Holocaust denial.

Last year, a Los Angeles-based Farsi satellite channel broadcast the 9-plus-hour documentary in Iran, where President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has questioned historical accounts of the Holocaust and called for Israel‘s destruction.

The film is not the first Holocaust film to be shown on television in Turkey, a secular country that is seeking membership in the European Union. Turkey also has its own Holocaust film: “The Turkish Passport,” which was released last year and tells the true story of Turkish diplomats who saved thousands of Jews by issuing them Turkish passports.

“Shoah” has also been shown to a limited audience at a Turkish film festival.

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