20 March SWJ Roundup

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Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup


Ukraine to Pull All Its Military From Crimea, Conceding Loss – NYT

Ukraine Makes Plans for Troops to Leave Crimea – WP

Ukraine ‘Planning Crimea Withdrawal’ – BBC

Pro-Russian Forces Seize Ukraine Navy HQ – VOA

Ukraine Forces Attacked by Pro-Russia Gunmen; Navy Facilities Seized – LAT

Russian Troops Take Over Another Ukrainian Naval Base in Crimea – Reuters

Ukraine Orders Troops to Leave Crimea, Russia Offers Better Pay – McClatchy

Cyber Peace Reigns Despite Russia, Ukraine Tensions – VOA

Russia’s Moves in Ukraine Seen as ‘Wake-Up Call’ for NATO – WP

US, NATO Warn Russia Faces ‘High Costs’ Over Crimea – VOA

NATO Secretary General: Russia Must Suffer Consequences – AFPS

US, European Allies to Step Up Sanctions on Russia – LAT

US Ponders Next Moves in Crimea Crisis – WP

Obama: No US ‘Military Excursion’ in Ukraine – WP

US Defense Chief Praises Ukraine’s Restraint in Crimea Crisis – Reuters

UN Chief Heads to Moscow, Kyiv – VOA

In Crimea, a Swell of Patriotism, But What is to Follow? – WP

For Moscow, Crimea May Prove an Expensive Prize – CSM

Ukraine Minister Says West Sure to Provide More Support – Reuters

Opinions on Ukraine from American and Foreign Media – VOA Roundup

A New Russian Order – WP Editorial

Russia and the Group of 8 – NYT Editorial

Saving Ukraine from Another Russian Heist – CSM Editorial

Crimea Shows US Can’t Step Back and Let Others Lead – CSM Opinion

A Fear of Russia – WP Opinion

A Way Forward for Ukraine – NYT Opinion

Crimea’s Silver Lining – WP Opinion

NATO’s Strategic Ace: Vladimir Putin – UPI Opinion

Putin’s Warped Reality – WP Opinion

How to Punish Putin – NYT Opinion

Making Putin Pay – WP Opinion

Why Sanctions Don’t Really Work – LAT Opinion

Russia / NATO

Russia’s Moves in Ukraine Seen as ‘Wake-Up Call’ for NATO – WP

Biden: US Will Respond to Aggression Against NATO Allies – VOA

Biden Signals Plans for More US Military Drills in the Baltics – USAT

Another Set of Wary Allies Seeks U.S. Reassurance – NYT

In Eastern Europe, Biden Finds Uncertain Allies – WP

European Leaders Seek Ways to Curb Dependence on Russian Gas – Reuters

NATO’s Strategic Ace: Vladimir Putin – UPI Opinion


Watchdog: US May be Paying Salaries of ‘Ghost’ Afghan Policemen – S&S

Women Vital for Democratic Success in Afghanistan, UN Says – UPI

Razia Jan Fights to Educate Girls in Rural Afghanistan – CSM


Israeli Airstrikes in Golan Heights Kill Syrian Soldier – VOA

Israeli Strikes on Syrian Army Sites Raise Concern About Entanglement – NYT

Israeli Airstrikes Target Syrian Military Positions – WP

Israel Attacks Syrian Army Sites – BBC

Israeli Airstrikes Escalate Tensions With Syria – AP

Gains Reported in Removing Syrian Chemical Supplies – NYT

UN Stymied in Efforts to Take Aid to Syrians – NYT

Syria Questions Fairness of UN Inquiry – UPI

Russia, Syria Decry US Closure of Syrian Embassy – Reuters


As Iranian New Year Looms, Economy Continues to Struggle – WP

Iran, Six powers Lock Horns Over Nuclear Reactor – Reuters

Ashton: Iran Nuclear Talks to Resume April 7 – VOA

Iran ‘Sees Signs of Nuclear Deal’ – BBC

Iran Wants to See Draft Nuclear Agreement Develop – UPI

Russia: Iran Nuke Talks May Suffer Over Ukraine – AP

Terrorism / Counterterrorism

What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden – NYT

Bin Laden Son-in-Law Tells of Cave Meeting on 9/11 – NYT

Bin Laden Spokesman Speaks at Trial – BBC

Ex-al-Qaida Spokesman Recalls 9/11 With Bin Laden – AP

Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Join Al Qaeda Group – Reuters

Kenya, Uganda on Alert for Possible Terror Attacks – AP

US Department of Defense

Pentagon Withholds Report About Flawed $2.7B Intel Program – FP

Investigator Discusses Navy Yard Findings, Insider Threat – AFPS

2nd Man Pleads Guilty in Navy Bribery Scandal – S&S

Taking on Pentagon Brass, Calif. Lawmaker Doesn’t Mince Words – TWB

Army BG Sinclair Breaks Down, Asks Judge to Not Punish Family – LAT

Wife of BG Jeffrey Sinclair Says He lives With Guilt Over Affair – LAT

Woman in Naval Academy Sex Assault Case Testifies – AP

United States

Lawmakers Ask VA for Presumptive Conditions for Gulf War Vets  – USAT

White House to Launch Interactive Website on Climate Change – VOA

Crimea Shows US Can’t Step Back and Let Others Lead – CSM Opinion


International Community Running Out of Patience with South Sudan – VOA

Why South Sudan’s War Flamed so Fast and Brightly – CSM

Displaced Civilians at Risk of Disease in South Sudan Camps – Reuters

Kenya, Uganda on Alert for Possible Terror Attacks – AP

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Caps ‘Fat Cat’ State Salaries – BBC

Jet Sale Puts Malawi’s Government Under Scrutiny – VOA

HRW: Senegal Must Crack Down on Quranic Schools’ Forced Begging – VOA

Nigeria: Africa’s Giant Is Stumbling – WIB Opinion

Americas / Caribbean

Mayor of Venezuelan City Arrested Amid Protests – AP

Colombia: Bogota Mayor Loses Fight to Stay in Office – AP

Colombian President Confirms Ouster of Bogota Mayor – Reuters

Mexican Authorities Bungled Case of Slain Journalist, Group Says – LAT

Guatemala ex-Leader Accepted Bribes – BBC

Guatemalan President Says Diplomatic Bribes Thing of the Past – Reuters

French FM to Visit Cuba in Sign of Warming EU Ties – Reuters

Asia / Pacific

US Troops Return to The Philippines, On China’s Doorstep – WIB

China: Two Dead in Xinjiang Violence – BBC

China: Hong Kong Journalists Attacked – BBC

Chinese Media Upbeat About US First Lady’s Visit – VOA

Opponents of China Trade Deal Occupy Taiwan’s Legislature – NYT

Protesters Occupy Taiwan Parliament – BBC

Japan, North Korea Agree to Resume Government Talks – Reuters

Former Vietnamese Official Jailed for Critical Blog Posts – VOA

Vietnam Jails Prominent Blogger – BBC

Obama: Search for Malaysian Plane ‘Top Priority’ for US – VOA

Assessing the Flight MH370 Theories – WP

Why Was Thailand Slow to Release Data on Flight MH370? – WP

Malaysia Asks FBI For Help in Plane Case – NYT

FBI ‘Aids Search for Missing Malaysian Plane’ – BBC

Malaysia’s Deep Political Rifts Exposed Amid Mystery of Missing Flight – NYT

In Cambodia, Immigrant’s Death Sparks Reform Debate – VOA

Sharing Power With China – NYT Opinion

Malaysia’s Crisis of Confidence – NYT Opinion


More Than 2,000 Migrants Rescued Off Italian Coast – NYT

Turkish President Contradicts Erdogan, Dismissing Foreign Plot – Reuters

McCarthyism Comes to Turkey – NYT Opinion

Middle East / North Africa

Kerry Protested About Israel Minister’s Criticism – AFP

Jailed Palestinian Militant Key to Mideast Talks – AP

Iraq Violence Kills 30 Nationwide – AAN

Lebanese Forces Show Resolve, UN Mission Says – UPI

Relief Stockpile in United Arab Emirates More Active Than Ever – VOA

Libya Asks UN, World for Help After Wave of Bombings, Violence – Reuters

US Army Team Heads to Libya to Begin Training Prep – AP

UN Authorizes Nations to Board Rebel Libyan Oil Tankers – Reuters

US Personnel Remain Aboard as Seized Tanker Returns to Libya – AFPS

Two Egyptian Army Officers Killed in Shootout with Militants – VOA

Two Army Officers Killed by Militants, Egypt Says – NYT

Egyptian Officers Killed in Gunfight – BBC

Egypt Forces Raid Militant Bomb Factory Near Cairo – AP

Morocco: Spain Beefs Up Melilla Security After Migrants Storm Border – Reuters

South Asia

Media Group Presses Pakistan to Protect Journalists – VOA

Pakistan Vows to Improve Journalists’ Freedom and Safety – NYT

What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden – NYT

Former PM Faces Bangladesh Corruption Trial – BBC

Former Prime Minister Indicted During Raucous Hearing in Bangladesh – NYT

Sri Lanka Frees Rights Activists – BBC


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