The IED in Nigeria Part 2- The Operational Perspective

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Vox Peccavi

In the previous article we looked at the strategic effect of IEDs in Nigeria, identifying that knowledgeable hopeless actors with enough time and access to resources and safe areas, mobility and  the right opportunity, a unified command and common narrative would use crudely effective devices with a lack of discrimination to deliver attacks both close and from a distance.

The operational impact of an IED is generally disproportionate to its size and cost, thus a clear understanding of the enemy’s use and deployment of IEDs can inform a clear and intelligent response.

In order to understand the effects of IEDs on the operations of the security forces and the activities of the victims, we must first identify what types of IEDs are being used, how they are being used and what the users seek to achieve.

(Caveat: this article is written using information gathered from the public domain).

Types of…

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