Iran Daily Brief February 9, 2012 – Full Report

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International Affairs

Khamenei: Islamic Revolution source of inspiration for all revolutions – Addressing Iranian Air Force personnel, Ayatollah Khamenei said Iran did not claim the Islamic Awakening in the region was initiated by Iran. However, he stated, “no one can ignore the fact that the waves of Islamic Awakening have been inspired by the victory of Islamic Revolution”. He underlined that the latest developments in the region and the Islamic Awakening proved that the Iranian nation is moving in the right path and that the Islamic Revolution has flourished and is dynamically moving forward towards its goals, 33 years after its victory. Ayatollah Khamenei added that slogans of the Iranian nation have prevailed over the region and the nations following global arrogance have now stood by Iran pursuing the same goals.

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Iran holds the key to the fate of the US president and government – Brigadier General Seyyed Mas’ud Jazayeri said that “Many high level strategic experts believe that the key to the American government is in Tehran’s hands. Thus the ridiculous dance of both war-mongering and peace-making of the White House are meaningless… Iran pays no attention to this ludicrous carrot-and-stick policy and instead thinks about its own ideals and aims.” Jazayeri added that Iran pursues its objectives and causes without considering the US carrot and stick policy adding that Washington’s message of peace or war is worthless to Tehran and lacks meaning for policymaking. He said that the US and the Zionist regime (Israel) are not capable of taking military action against Iran because they know how vulnerable they are to Tehran’s retaliatory measures. Moreover, The US government is in such a pathetic situation that even their people hold street protests against the exploitative nature of the country’s governing system and chant slogans in support of the Islamic Republic.

Representative of the Supreme Leader to IRGC: reformists who believes in contact with the US oppose the teachings of Imam Khomeini – Hojatoleslam Ali Saeedi,      representative of Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in the IRGC, told a meeting of religious leaders from the Kerman province:
“Some people have criticized the price paid for the defense of Palestine, but what we have in hand and our remaining balance are thousands of times the past costs, and now we are at the peak of success and victory”. According to Saeedi, the Islamic revolution succeeds because of the martyrs’ blood and Iran needs to continue implementing the discourse of Imam Khomeini, the revolutionary discourse.

He said the president, his family and his ministers must serve as an example in Iranian society, and added that unfortunately after the victory of the revolution, Iran is witnessing the formation of a thick layer in regime that continues to fight in order to maintain its position. He emphasized, “The discourse of reformists is not compatible with the discourse of Imam Khomeini; I do not claim that the reformists are heretics, but Imam asked not let the revolution fall into unwise hands”.

According to Saeedi, a representative who believes in contact with the United States opposes the teachings of Imam Khomeini. Majlis must be bold, revolutionary and committed to Islamic values. The Majlis and the government must be coordinated with the Supreme Leader. He said the Supreme Leader is highest psychologist and sociologist, and he knows that the US and Zionist at their nadir and the subject of dialogue is not open to debate.

Reformist severely criticizes Hamas – Reformist Mardom Salari strongly criticized Hamas because of leaders’ recent travels and meetings with the “criminal King of Bahrain,” “Turkey, which just now discovered Palestine” and Jordan, while avoiding a visit to Iran. He emphasized the price Iran has paid for protecting Palestine over the last 33 years and claims that Hamas is following in the path of surrender and concession trod by Fatah. In commentary under the headline “Has Hamas reached an impasse?”

Salari opines that the recent moves by Hamas indicate that the “resistance movement” is being transformed into a “political movement.” The author warns Hamas against “abandoning its principles” and “going astray” lest it faces the same “futile” fate Fatah faced 20 years ago. Ismail Haniyeh’s had visited several Gulf Arab states and the consultations held with sheikhs in the region show that Hamas has reached the end of the road.

Regarding the issue Salari said, “This is his second visit to the region in the last month. A month ago he visited Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan and Turkey, but avoided a visit to Tehran. What is behind the scenes that forced Ismail Haniyeh ignored Iran and stay in Turkey for four days? Turkey discovered Palestine only four years ago! Whereas the Iranian people have paid very heavy a political, economic, international and security price for the Palestinians during the last 33 years. How can Haniyeh meet with criminals such as ruler of Bahrain, and select Iran as the last stop? Realistic analysis of the situation shows that Hamas is now following the same route taken by Fatah after the Madrid Conference… Khaled Meshal’s trip to Amman and his meeting with King Abdullah is also evidence of the beginning Hamas’ surrender in the face of political events in the region. For Hamas leaders, the possible fall of Bashar Assad’s government and replacement it with one that supports the US and Zionist regimes, distances Hamas from the frontline of the struggle against the Zionist entity. Hamas leaders believe that the future regime in Syria will not support the jihad movements of Palestinians and Lebanese, and therefore they are trying to make a quick change in the policies of Hamas. Hamas leaders consider Doha, which has become the Trojan horse of the US, good place to establish their bureau. If Hamas leaders listen to and believe in the promises of Arab leaders, and move into a political stage, there is no doubt that their destiny and fate will be the same as the leaders of Fatah. Hamas leaders err in their analysis and evaluation of the situation in Syria and the region; they should not put all their eggs in the basket of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf”.

Majlis Speaker: Majlis ready to Cut Iran’s Oil Exports to EU; FM spokesman promises EU an unpleasant surprise – Ali Larijani underlined the legislative body’s preparedness to take action in line with cutting the country’s oil supplies to the European Union. Larijani said that it is necessary to give a proper response to European countries’ irrational attitude. He added that the Majlis’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee discussed the issue. Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the countries that impose sanctions on Iran will definitely not receive a pleasant response from our nation.” Read More.

IIranian ambassador to France: no decision made on blocking Strait of Hormuz – In an interview with the foreign press, Ambassador Ali Ahani emphasized Iran’s continued cooperation with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and claimed that the sanctions were intended to apply pressure on the people of Iran. Regarding the Iranian armed forces’ maneuvers in the Strait of Hormuz, Ahani stated that Iran never decided to close the Strait of Hormuz, and the maneuvers were intended only to increase security in the region. In answer to a reporter’s question about how Iran might respond if attacked by Israel, he said, “I don’t think the Zionist regime would take such a crazy step because it could accelerate its destruction.”

Military Affairs
Supreme Leader’s bureau chief: The Leader devotes one day every week to the Armed Forces – At a meeting with officers in honor of Air Force Day, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Mohammadi-Golpayegani, bureau chief of the Supreme Leader praise the Iranian leader and his work, reporting, “Every week, the Supreme Leader devotes one entire workday to the armed forces. Every Sunday, officers come to meet with him in person; they submit work reports and he asks them questions and personally directs the armed forces. I remember the day when Nelson Mandela, the South African leader, came to visit him and called him, ‘My leader.’”

Later in his comments, he said, “We are not interested in war, but if one day something happens and the Supreme Leader gives the command, everyone will be ready to implement his command. Israel has no easy sleep because of fearing Hezbollah.” Mohammadi-Golpayegani stressed that thanks to Iran’s committed soldiers, the country will deliver a “humiliating response” to any enemy who intends to invade its borders.” We (Iranians) do not seek war but are ready to defend the sovereignty and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” He recalled the capture of an advanced US spy drone as a sign of Iran’s military might. “The US spy aircraft that was captured by the armed forces was so important that (US President) Barack Obama personally begged for its return.”

Deputy Navy Commander: “We have the ability to observe movements of stealth aircrafts in Persian Gulf” – Rear Admiral Gholam-Reza Khadem-Bigham said that Iran has the ability to observe the movement of stealth aircrafts over the Persian Gulf. (The report was later removed from Khorasan news and other sites).

Defense Minister profiles new canal laboratory – Ahmad Vahidi inaugurated the Kowsar water canal laboratory which is the largest in the Middle East. He said that “The Kowsar Water Canal Laboratory has a towing and tension device with a speed of 30 meters per second; and it is 140 meters long, 7 meters wide and 5.3 meters deep. It is one of the five top laboratories in the world… it is equipped with wave-making devices, wave simulators and precision tools for measuring and registering characteristics of waves, hydrodynamics, and devices for registering the operation and power of model vessels. Vahidi thanked the scientists, experts and innovators at Malek Ashtar Industrial University in Shiraz who had participated in the designing and building of this unique laboratory in Iran. More photos.

Foreign armies no match for Iran –

Senior army Commander: Iran becoming one of the military poles of the world – General Heshmatollah Malekian said, addressing a ceremony on the occasion of the Air Force Day that “Today, Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army as the most prepared army of the region and is becoming one of the military poles in the world.” He also said that Iran would defend the nation and the Islamic establishment whole heartedly.

“Arab countries no match to Iran’s military” – Commentary in Siyasat-E Ruz headlined “Which equality?” opines that the West is “deceiving” Arab countries by selling them arms, and claiming that they are equipping them with weapons and updating their military abilities to match those of Iran. The author ridicules the military abilities of the neighboring Arab countries, claiming that they are no match to Iran’s military “self-sufficiency”.

Economic Affairs

Iran and China continue negotiations on oil issues – A few days ago, a new round of talks between Iran and China about the sale of Iranian oil to China began in Beijing. The purpose of the talks is to reduce the disagreements between the countries in this field and confer on the possibility of using a currency other than the dollar for transactions between the countries.

IMF Iran is 17th largest economy in the world – An eight-fold increase in Iran’s Gross National Product (GNP) since the “victory of the Islamic Revolution” makes its economy the 17th largest in the world, based on the statistics released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to the IMF report Iran’s economy ranked 17th in the world in 2011 with its Gross National Product standing at 930 billion dollars. Statistics released by the IMF indicate that Iran’s economy has experienced increasing growth during the past 33 years, making it one of the world’s biggest economies. Iran was previously ranked as 21st in the world but it advanced to 17th place in 2011, leaving behind Saudi Arabia, Poland, Australia and Argentina.

Sanction watch –

2 Korean Lenders Sever Ties with Iranian Bank – Woori Bank and the Industrial Bank of Korea have apparently severed ties with Iran’s state-run Bank Tejarat following US Treasury Department sanctionsagainst the bank. More

Malaysian exporters halt palm oil supply to Iran – Malaysian palm oil exporters have stopped supplying Iran with most of the 30,000 tons of the food staple Iran buys each month, which is about half its demand, as Western financial curbs on Tehran stymie payments. Read More

Sharp increase in meat prices – Following a great increase in demand for meat in Iranian markets, there are reports of a sharp rise in meat prices in butcher shops and supermarkets. Mehr News reports that the streets of the capital have been crowded in recent days and that people seem to be shopping for Persian New Year, Nowruz, which begins on March 21. This activity is the result of one sentence spoken by officials who said that 50 thousand tons meat would be distributed to markets. This sentence alone was sufficient to provoke tension in the market and get thousands of people out of their homes to purchase meat.

Lebanon asks Iran to help in oil exploration – Iran’s ambassador to Beirut, Ghazanfar Roknabadi met with Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water to discuss issues of mutual interest. The Lebanese side called for presence of Iranian companies in the electricity and water sectors in Lebanon. Referring to Lebanon’s need for water and electricity, the minister called for presence of Iranian firms in producing electricity, improving distribution network as well as building dams. He also expressed a desire for Iranian companies to work in Lebanon on dam construction, oil exploration and building gas pipeline.

Iran-Pakistan sign MOUs for cooperation on aviation – On Tuesday, Iran and Pakistan signed three memorandums of understanding (MOU) to promote economic cooperation. The MOUs were signed by Iran’s Vice President for International Affairs Ali Saeedlou and Pakistani advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, at the conclusion of bilateral consultations in Islamabad. Head of Iran’s Aviation Industries Organization in Pakistan “Iran and Pakistan are progressing remarkably in aviation sector.”

Human Rights

HR group: Supreme Leader directly responsible for illegal detentions of opposition leaders – The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran urged Iranian Supreme Leader to release the three opposition leaders immediately. Former prime minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, former speaker of Parliament Mehdi Karroubi, and prominent political advisor and university chancellor Zahra Rahnavard have spent the last year under illegal house arrest. They called for a stop on extrajudicial and inhumane methods to silence political opponents (video)

Arrested for writing to the US President – Approximately one month ago, security forces arrested a resident of Tabiz, Nasir Shaharyan after he wrote a letter addressed to US President Barack Obama. After nine days of interrogation in the intelligence department in Tabriz, he was transferred to the central prison there. In his letter to Obama, he asked the US president to act humanely towards residents of Asraf command, ignoring their political leanings.

Leader of Pan-Iranian Party sentenced to prison – The Revolutionary Court in Ahaz sentenced Reza Kermani to four months in prison. Kermani is among the leaders of the Pan-Iranian party.

Disqualified Reformist candidate arrested – Dr. Bahroz Rashidiani, a Reformist candidate for Majlis, whose candidacy was disqualified, was arrested three weeks ago. There is no information about the reason for his arrest, but it is know that he is being held in Khorramabad.

Domestic Affairs

Fars News headline: “French and Zionist intelligence agencies set trap for Iranian supporters of fitna– In recent days, someone with connections to the French and Zionist defense establishments has begun consultations with organizations that support the fitna (the name the Iranian regime gave to the protests following the June 2009 elections), which still do not have official authorization to function in Iran. The foreign representative asked them to hold a demonstration that would cast a shadow on the national demonstration on the anniversary of the revolution, and to begin taking anti-security measures prior to the Majlis elections. Fars claims that this person suggested that a prominent leader of an organization of religious scholars who supported the post-election protests request a permit to hold a demonstration titled, “Protest against the Sanctions” or something similar and utilize slogans that coincide with the demands of the Iranian people, such as opposition to the sanctions or foreign intervention, and hold the demonstration even if the authorities do not grant a permit.

“The enemy is attempting to create a crisis during the Majlis elections” – Hojjatolislam Heydar Moslehi, Iranian Minister of Intelligence, listed the “intrigues and schemes plotted by the enemies of Islam in order to create hurdles in path of the revolution in different periods.” He added that there is very reliable information that the adversary is attempting to create a crisis during the upcoming Majlis elections. Therefore, the security agencies and public need to be doubly alert. He emphasized that mass participation of the Iranian people in the elections would defeat our enemies and reinforce unity and convergence in the nation.

Greater Teheran Division is ready at full force to protect Majlis elections – Sardar Kazemini announce the readiness of the division to combat any possible obstacle, problem or security instability during the upcoming Majlis elections. At the same time, he invited the Iranian masses to participate in the demonstration on the anniversary of the revolution and elections, because this would be like “punching the enemy in the mouth with iron knuckles.”

Majlis closed from February 11 until after the March 4 elections – Iran’s Majlis will be closed from February 11 until March 4, due to the forthcoming parliamentary election. During an unofficial closed-door session, Majlis deputies voted against holding an open session next week and instead decided to close the Majlis until 4 March following the Majlis election. The decision was made because election campaigns by Majlis hopefuls have begun.

A third “reformist” list for the upcoming election – Mohammad Zare Qomati, head of the “Popular Reformist Front,” has announced a third “reformist” list for the Parliamentary election.

Majlis speaker asks the Council of Guardians to review the candidates for election to Majlis who have been screened – Ali Larijani, Speaker of Majlis, again asked the Guardian Council to assent to the recommendations of the Supreme Leader and to reconsider the view candidacy of those contenders for seats in Majlis who were disqualified.

Clothing shops closed in Isfahan – According to a police report, 15 stores in Isfahan, which sold clothing that is “symbolic of western culture,” have been closed down. The report noted that the merchandise was smuggled into Iran illegally and all stores sold clothes that were appropriate to revolutionary values. The store owners have been arrested and will be tried.

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