India: NAM takes stand against terrorism

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Press Trust Of India
Nusa Dua, May 26, 2011

First Published: 14:21 IST(26/5/2011)
Last Updated: 14:22 IST(26/5/2011)

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) issued a declaration condemning any kind of terrorism. The commitment was made in the “Bali Commemorative Declaration” issued here yesterday in the framework of NAM’s 50th anniversary. The NAM`s foreign ministers in the declaration underlined the achievements made by

the NAM so far which should be used as a basis for promoting the NAM’s goals and principles for the next 50 years.

The ministers agreed to take a number of steps among others fight against terrorism.

“(The NAM) will fight terrorism in all its form and manifestation done by anyone anywhere and for whatever causes in line with the principles in the UN Charter, relevant international laws and conventions while emphasizing that terrorism must not be linked with religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic groups,” the declaration says.

NAM’s foreign ministers also state that NAM will also fight organized transnational crimes, terrorism, human trafficking, trade of illegal small and light firearms, piracy and illegal drugs through improvement of regional and international cooperation and partnership.

In entering the 50th anniversary NAM states again its commitment to strengthening its action and increasing its main role in defending and promoting the interests of developing nations.

The NAM which has 120 members is a different power and unity must continue to give inspiration and influence in global issues to improve the life of the people and contribute to to the UN and other international forums.

The Bali Commemorative Declaration contains 21 points presented by NAM foreign ministers.

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