UK – Residents urged to report online terrorism to prevent radicalisation

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Surrey Police are urging residents to report online terrorist material in a bid to prevent radicalisation of vulnerable people.

The warning comes after Muslim converts Andrew ‘Isa’ Ibrahim and Nicky Reilly were convicted of terrorist offences in 2008 after being radicalised via the internet.

The counter terrorism internet referral unit, (CTIRU) works to prevent terrorists from furthering their cause via the internet.

Surrey Polices Detective Inspector Kevin Jewell said: “The CTIRU is focused on material that is used for terrorist purposes or to promote extremist messages.

The unit is particularly concerned that the internet can be used to radicalise vulnerable people within our communities.

Policing within the environment of the internet is a relatively new area but we are aiming to make it a more hostile environment for people who use it for criminal and terrorist purposes.”

Sites which glorify acts of terrorism, violent extremism or call others to commit acts of terrorism should be reported to the CTIRU.

Members of the public can report online terrorism anonymously by visiting

7:00am Saturday 16th April 2011

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