LTTE exporting terrorism for profit

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Why Bruce Fein has come forward to deproscribe LTTE in the US? – Hemantha Warnakulasuriya:

A letter written by Hemantha Warnakulasuriya, a President’s Counsel has posed pertinent questions to Bruce Fein, the US Attorney said to be representing the Tamils For Justice. Given below is the final part of the letter sent by Hemantha Warnakulasuriya to Bruce

F ein, I would like to remind you, in case this information has not been given to you by your friends of TFJ, that in the last Presidential election there were two candidates: one was Mahinda Rajapaksa, presented by the LTTE as racist and supported by the racist parties and the other was Ranil Wickremesinghe, the darling of Tamils, who had with the help of Norway brought about the Peace Accord, which allowed Prabhakaran to replenish his depleted war tools, arms and ammunition. Ranil Wickremesinge thought that with the help of Prabhakaran, he would win the elections.

Hemantha Warnakulasuriya PC

He in fact proposed a federal state with full powers to the Tigers. In fact, he thought that by these remarks he would win the Presidential election with ease, as the voters in the South were equally divided and an overwhelming majority in the Northeast would vote for Ranil Wickremesinghe.

In fact, many considered this as a referendum for a Federal State as opposed to a Unitary State.

Everyone thought they would completely reject Mahinda Rajapaksa and cast their vote to Ranil Wickremesinghe, making him victorious. But Prabhakaran thought otherwise. He decreed that no Tamil should vote at this election. In fact, one person who was oblivious to Prabhakaran’s decree cast his vote and it was in favour of Ranil Wickremesinghe. That man lost his hand, which was amputated by the LTTE for not following the fiat of Prabhakaran.

Had Ranil became victorious it would have meant that the entire Tamil population would have voted for a Federal State instead of the illusory goal of Eelam that Prabahkaran wanted.

Therefore, your exhortation about free and fair elections in the areas controlled by the murderous Prabhakaran is nothing but hogwash, a suggestion that has permeated into your aging grey matter with dying grey cells and without knowing the real situation in Kilinochchi.

On the other hand in the East, Prabhakaran prevented his proxy, the TNA from contesting the elections, and Pillaiyan won in the Eastern province handsomely.

Bruce Fein

Though the NGO block, supportive of Prabhakaran, said that the elections were manipulated by the Government, all the international observers said that it was a free and fair election. Pillaiyan’s party still received a substantial number of votes, debunking the theory that the LTTE was the sole voice of the Tamil people. The so-called racist Mahinda Rajapaksa made Pillaiyan the Chief Minister and ignored the protest of racial elements. Your visit to Sri Lanka, as the lawyer of Prabhakaran and the LTTE, would be biased and prejudiced and it naturally would be to prove the point that the genocidal maniac Prabhakaran is a saint who should be exonerated of the crime of spilling the blood of those innocent children he has used as soldiers. He had transformed angels into killers.

This indeed is an uphill task and I wish you well in your endeavours. As you know, the time is very limited and is not in Prabhakaran’s favour. The truth is that your client and his organization have killed more Tamils than any one else.

I believe the time has come to prosecute Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman for crimes against humanity. The best evidence could be obtained by listing Prabhakaran’s one-time deputy Karuna as the main witness for the prosecution.

In fact, the intellectuals and Lawyers supporting the LTTE have gloated over the possibility of charging Karuna for Crimes against humanity. There was no difficulty in that as he was in the UK where he was imprisoned. But, the pundits and the other pseudo intellectuals slowly but surely relented as they were informed, I believe not by you, that if they prosecuted Karuna there would be overwhelming evidence against Prabhakaran and his erstwhile deputy Pottu Amman, presented by no less a person than his former deputy.

It is Karuna who would be able to testify about the orders given by Prabhakaran to kill over 402 policemen who surrendered to the LTTE on the instructions of the then government.

The Premadasa Government believed the LTTE would honour its word and release the Policemen. Thus over 402 policemen were butchered by the LTTE and sacrificed by the government to keep the farcical truce it had with the LTTE alive. Fein, if you are really interested in prosecuting war criminals then you will without much difficulty find cogent and overwhelming evidence against Prabhakaran in the testimony of a very credible witness Karuna, his one time deputy and the former child soldier Pilliyan, now the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province. Talk to them they will surely broaden your vision.

The only way Tamils could find justice in Sri Lanka is to eliminate Prabhakaran and elect their own leaders democratically as the Tamils in the Eastern Province did.

– Asian Tribune

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