Cops smash UK theft to order gang

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20. 07. 09. – 15:00

Romanian police has smashed a multi-million pound crime ring where criminals stole heavy goods vehicles from the UK, Italy, France and Belgium and shipped them to Romania to be sold at a fraction of their real value.

More than a million pounds of machinery stolen to order mainly in the United Kingdom but also in other EU countries has already been identified by the police. They say it was shipped to Romania where it was dumped in specially built storage sites in remote woodland locations until a buyer had been found.

Romanian police say they have now arrested nine people in connection with the investigation and have issued warrants for the arrest of many more gang members.

The gang only targeted large machines including mechanical diggers, bulldozers and even huge cranes which were taken overnight from building sites and then shipped to Romania.

But the gang members were arrested after a special operation by the Organised Crime and Terrorism unit at Maramures in northern Romania.

A police spokesman said: “It was a very organised gang divided into separate groups with one part arranging the theft and the other dealing with the sale and orders for various machines.”

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