New Bosnian Muslim-Croat Federation government suspended

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New Bosnian Muslim-Croat Federation government suspended
dpa German Press Agency

Published: Friday March 23, 2007

dpa German Press Agency

Published: Friday March 23, 2007

Sarajevo- International administrator in Bosnia Christian
Schwarz-Schilling suspended Friday in Sarajevo the vote of the
Bosnian Muslim-Croat Federation entity’s parliament to install a new
The parliament of the Muslim-Croat Federation gave Thursday the
green light for a new government and the new premier and ministers
were sworn in following the vote.
The 16-ministries government was formed six months after general
elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina held in October last year, due to the
inability of Muslim and Croat political parties to agree on the
distribution of the ministerial posts.
Schwarz-Schilling suspended the decision, stressing that the
government of the Muslim-Croat entity was formed before all the
nominated ministers went through a vetting process by his office.
The vetting process was introduced in 2005 with the agreement of
Bosnia-Herzegovina’s political parties to strengthen the systems that
scrutinize government and prevent abuses of power.
The previous government of the Muslim-Croat Federation is to
continue operating in a technical mandate until Schwarz-Schilling’s
office completes the checking of the new ministers’ backgrounds and
gives the new government a green light to start working, which may
happen next week.
Another Bosnian entity, the Serb-run Srpska Republic, formed its
government last November.
Bosnia-Herzegovina was administratively divided into two entities,
the Srpska Republic and the Muslim-Croat Federation, by the Dayton
Peace Agreement which brought an end to the country’s 1992-1995 war.
Though each entity has its own president, government and
parliament, the country is run by the central authorities – a
tripartite state Presidency, a Council of Ministers and the
Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia-Herzegovina.>


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